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In 1984, the town and the city of Kenosha agreed upon a plan for the orderly development and fixed boundaries for the town in exchange for an acknowledged right of property owners in various locations along the village/city border to be annexed into the city of Kenosha. A significant provision of this agreement gave Kenosha the ability to annex lands north of State Highway 50 from Green Bay Road to I-94 , where the Southport Plaza shopping center, WhiteCaps subdivision, River Crossing subdivision and the Aurora Hospital are located. In exchange, Pleasant Prairie was granted the ability to protect the rest of its area from annexations and to purchase sewer and water from Kenosha.

The finished script, titled Toon Platoon , actually ended up being a prequel, telling Roger's story from birth, including his rise in vaudeville and his experiences in World War II, all bookended by Roger's search to discover his biological parents. After learning he was adopted, Roger meets Ritchie, a struggling actor, and heads to Hollywood. But not before enlisting in the Army, since the shadow of WWII looms in the near future. You know, just the kind of zany, lighthearted kids entertainment that made the original such a success.

Benz appeared on The Soup with Joel McHale . Benz next took a recurring role on Desperate Housewives as Robin Gallagher, a stripper with a heart of gold and a master's degree in education who gets offered the chance to transition into a more legitimate career. [18] The character of Robin is further developed when the audience discovers she is a lesbian and begins an affair with housewife Katherine Mayfair ( Dana Delany ). [19] After the season-four finale of Dexter , Benz returned for the season-five premiere. [20]

The Justice Friends are a group of superheroes who exist in the universe of Dexter's Laboratory who aside from their eternal struggle against evil must also learn to live together under one roof to face the challenges of everyday life. They are the main characters of the back-up segments of Dexter's Laboratory .

For the next many years of his childhood, Dexter continued to have numerous crazy misadventures and weird encounters while constantly still having to deal with Dee Dee's annoying antics and trying to outwit Mandark. This would all change however with the creation of Dexter's greatest and most powerful invention ever, the Neurotomic Protocore , a device so powerful that it could revolutionize the world forever. The creation of this device caused Dexter's long time rival Mandark to go from being a mere opponent into a full blown evil archenemy due to realizing that with this device he could become the all powerful ruler of the world. He then became determined to steal Dexter's greatest creation and completely crush Dexter in order to achieve his goal of total supremacy, turning their once comedic and destructive rivalry into one of pure hatred and deadly force. Despite his many attempts, Mandark was never able to obtain the core during his childhood. It was during this time that Dexter was attacked by a group of robots who were seeking to destroy "the one who saved the future", believing that to be him, Dexter destroyed the robots and used his time machine to travel forward in time and see how he saved the future.

Various - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop ExperimentVarious - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop ExperimentVarious - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop ExperimentVarious - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment